Diamond Challenge - Edwards´60th Aniversary

Diamond Challenge - Edwards´60th Aniversary
Diamond Challenge - Edwards´60th Aniversary
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Líder del reto solidario: Edwards Lifesciences

Organización beneficiaria: Aldeas Infantiles

The Diamond Challenge was an opportunity for us as employees in Europe to embrace our culture and our credo by voluntarily supporting local community organizations. In the case of Iberia we decided to support Aldeas Infantiles that is an international organization, private, child support, non-profit, interconfessional and independent of any political orientation. The challenge was mainly based on three different actions: 1) The employees practicing sports and accumulating kilometers, 2) The kilometers were bought by others employees and 3) The company matched the amount collected by the employees. The 60th Aniversary of Edwards Lifesciences was celebrated in a gala-dinner in which we had the honour to count on representatives from Aldeas Infantiles and we donate them the award during the celebration. In total we gave 4.600 euros from which 1826 came from the employees and the rest from the company. In addition to that we had a painting competition in which the kids of our company participated with paints about "Healthy Heart". The winners were selected during the gala-dinner by a heart valve patient which was part of the event too.

Importe recaudado (€): 1.826

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Enlace al reto en migranodearena.org: https://www.migranodearena.org/reto/19040/diamond-challenge-edwards-60th-aniversary